Submitted 2016-05-10

Why Countryside Hearing Aid Service and Tom and Laurie are the BEST.

REASON 1) Several months ago I inherited my brother-in-law’s Resound hearing aids. My hearing aid provider did not service Resound hearing aids and referred me to Tom. I made an appointment, and Tom and Laurie made the process of evaluating my hearing and reprogramming of the Resound hearing aids to my needs a great experience. I love the four programs (#1 for normal, #2 for restaurants, #3 for road noise in the car but which I use for windy days outdoors, and #4 for television. These are the best hearing aids I have ever owned in more than 30 years of wearing hearing aids, and I really appreciate the time Tom put into programming them specifically for me. He also taught me how to use the hearing aid remote to select the different programs and adjust the volume.

REASON 2) Within a few months, unfortunately I managed to lose my hearing aid remote, and Tom and Laurie were able to sell me a new one that they had in stock and to program it for my hearing aids. That was great as I do use the different programs, especially #2 which turns off the back microphones and is great in noisy restaurants.

REASON 3) I also inherited a remote microphone which I am hopeful will help me hear the TV when visiting friends’ homes. Pairing that piece of equipment was more challenging for Tom as he does not pair very many of that piece of equipment. The first attempt failed as did the second attempt. That was when we discovered that my remote microphone did not work. My other brother-in-law gave me his old one, and today Tom persevered and conquered the challenge of pairing it with my hearing aids. The microphone is up and working great. In summary, I would recommend Countryside Hearing Aid Services to all my friends and family. In fact, I have which is…

REASON 4) My sister-in-law saw them for evaluation and was told she really did not have a hearing loss significant enough to warrant a hearing aid. I think that is a perfect example of the quality of service and the integrity of Tom and Laurie at Countryside Hearing Aid Services.