Submitted 2016-02-18

Listening and hearing are completely different from each other. You can hear the siren of a fire-truck but you must listen to a small child’s voice. You can hear the roar of a jet engine but you must listen for the subtle whispers from your lover. To hear the subtle nuances in a changing voice – the stories and the exciting events that happened in the day – to respond you must be able to hear and without your hearing or hearing properly – countless bickering, arguments and fights can be avoided. If you were going blind and to stem the blindness you had to wear glasses – you would. Same with hearing loss – a small device completely invisible to others can give you the freedom to join the conversation again. We all age and we all lose our hearing but the quickest way to tell someone’s age is when they keep saying “WHAT.” Tom Mitchell of Countryside Hearing is the hearing aid professional that will allow you to join the conversation once again – he helped me and a new world has been unveiled. Don’t live in the dark – we all need to hear but we all must listen and my new hearing aids allow me to do both