Submitted 2016-01-05

Ten years ago I lost my hearing as did my mother when she was my age.  I have classic hereditary hearing loss, about 57% in both ears and I had been wearing only one (CIC) Starkey hearing aid when in fact I have needed two all along.  You see, I am very vain and only 36 years old when this occurred.  Over the years, I have been to 3 different audiologists and the struggles to get me to hear in the many environments that I encounter daily has been exhausting to say the least.  I also felt that the technology of the hearing devices were sub-par for the kind of money that they were charging so I waited.  Early last year I had heard about the new (Pair to IPhone) Resound Linx II’s.  So I went to my current audiologist and she tried to sell me Starkey Halo’s which I demoed for 3 weeks.  I was not satisfied with the product nor the programming.  All this time and effort wasted.  I was starting to get discouraged. This led me to Countryside Hearing and (The Zen Master) Tom Mitchell.  He gave me the best price and really listened to what I was telling him about my daily hearing challenges.  Everything from listening to music to presenting in the boardroom, we covered it all.  And on the first visit, he nailed it!  I haven’t heard like this since before I lost my hearing. Of course we have had to tweak couple of things since then but nothing major.  Oh and did I mention that I work a busy schedule and usually when I need to come in it is like right now.  Well, Laurie always works her magic and gets me right in.  Great service, Great value, and they know what they are doing.  Thanks guys, you changed my life.