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Hearing Loss And Allergy Season: What A Nightmare

Allergy season is oftentimes accompanied by a stuffy nose, watery eyes, hearing loss, and itchiness. When all this starts, you can also expect to be able to hear less since you’ll be existing in a “fog.” At the very least, sounds will be muffled as your ears pop more than usual in an attempt to get rid of the increased pressure in your head. When you move your head, you can feel the fluid moving around – to the point you may even grow dizzy. This will make you feel miserable as it has a real impact on your ability to communicate. Why Seasonal Allergies Cause Hearing Loss Fluid can build up in your middle ear when you’re suffering from seasonal allergies. This causes you to feel pressure and experience temporary hearing loss since soundwaves are unable to make their Read More +

Improving Your Cognitive Health

The Mayo Education and Research Foundation says that even though you grow older your brain can still adapt to stimuli. They also recognize that while you’ll face declines in some of your cognitive health functions, others will grow stronger to compensate for this decline. For instance, if you have a lot of knowledge as you grow older, you’ll probably adapt to the changes in your life better. You may also see your vocabulary growing better. There are some activities that will help you in these areas too. All these things are quite common but do vary vastly between individuals. Some people even demonstrate that such decline doesn’t have to happen at all. How you can Prevent Declining Cognitive Health There are quite a few things you can do to help yourself maintain good cognitive health as you age, including: Play Read More +