Let’s talk about this a minute. Most of you are already wearing our hearing systems and taking advantage of our programs for hearing aid check-ups. By doing so, your hearing instruments are kept in the best possible working order. Many of you also make sure to have an annual hearing test, knowing this helps us to discover if there have been any significant changes in your hearing. And, if there have been changes, we can usually reprogram your hearing system to accommodate those differences. All of this works together to give you the best hearing results you can get.

On the other hand, some of you who are reading this have had your hearing tested, but have delayed ordering hearing aids for some reason. Some of you have had your hearing aids for a long time but have postponed having your hearing system checked on a regular basis. We’d like to encourage you to get on a regular visit program with us.

Hearing is a delicate, sensitively balanced system of the body. Thousands of tiny hair cells (this is overly-simplified) send different sound signals to the brain so it can differentiate and combine those signals to make sense out of the language sounds you hear. Small changes in your hearing can cause a big shift in how well you understand speech. Thankfully, we can make programming changes to your hearing instruments that can have a significant impact on how well you hear and understand speech.

If you have delayed getting hearing aids for any reason, please call us today to review what options you may have to correct your hearing loss. Hearing systems improve all the time! The cost, sophistication, and size of hearing instruments are all factors that we can help you balance in order to get you started and onto the road to better hearing.