Submitted 2022-07-18

5 Stars! Mr. Mitchell, was extremely thorough and I’ve never experienced such detailed testing like that before. My previous audiologist, in Ocala, FL, really did a bad job adjusting my new Widex hearing aids. For a year I struggled trying to hear in my right ear. My former audiologist commented that the problem was my hearing loss and not her adjustment.

I moved to the Clearwater area and made an appointment at Countryside Hearing Aid Services. Mr. Mitchell told me the hearing aids had the wrong speakers and domes. After replacing those items with the correct ones, then a hearing test and reprogramming by aids – Wow wow wow! What a difference! Quality of life improved 100%!

I can now hear things I haven’t heard in years. In the past I had to set my HA to 5 -7 level. Now 2-3 and it’s loud. Example is my TV soundbar. Before I had to set the volume level to 35-40. Now 12-17. What a difference. Verbal conversations are a whole lot better. (we all struggle with that) I am forever grateful for the quality life they have given back to me. 5 Star rating easily. Thank you.