Submitted 2021-06-23

I have to say it. My unsolicited gratitude and appreciation is due here. Something super exciting and amazing is happening at Countryside Hearing Aid Services and it didn’t cost me anything but about 40 minutes of my time to be blown away with information I would have never found elsewhere on the internet, not even YouTube! And it has nothing to do, except incidentally, with hearing aids. It is about education on what hearing is and does, how it functions and what types of things that go wrong with it and why. And it involves something you won’t find on YouTube either.

What won’t you find on the internet? YOU! That’s the final factor is you can do all the research you want, talk to people with similar problems and experiences to yours or hear their stories and explanations, even their successes, and you won’t find the exact right thing for you until you become more self-aware. And THAT is what Tom Mitchell, to my surprise, gave me today in this comprehensive testing and evaluation. He even has a high-tech sound room and testing tool like nothing I have seen (or heard rather lol) where we did the comprehensive hearing check.

This is no elementary school hearing test at the nurse’s office. This is 21st century technology and a graphic report that shows every aspect of every type of sound you perceive in work and everyday life! Did I mention that he didn’t charge me a dime for it? That’s right, I found out more than I even thought to ask or wonder about and WAY more than several hours of research on the internet has shown me. And that’s because I left more self-aware. He wasn’t there to slickly sell me hearing aids. In fact he really didn’t pitch me at all except to make some recommendations on which ones to consider. But he was up front and honest about pros AND cons. But based on all the facts that came up in the testing he really left the next steps up to me, totally and completely and made his strong recommendations on what I should specifically do and consider moving forward. That is the kind of empowerment that is rare these days.

And here I am recommending more people see him and get tested and evaluated. It is something that cannot be done on any YouTube video which, not to mention I realized after this experience, has a pitch, if only their advertisers pitching you. No, I was able to isolate my specific challenges and predict where future plays out from here, not by being told what to do, but being let in on the technology and knowledge of basic audiology Tom has. He really let me see it through a professional perspective. I SWEAR this is unsolicited BTW !!!! lol I’m starting to sound like a commercial!

And all of it the result of him not trying to force-sell me anything. He’s really cause-driven in terms of isolating the real cause of the problem so a person can see their own options to handle it. I work with musicians professionally as well as other people who have sound as a vital part of their occupation and life and I have already been telling people about this place and to make an appointment. It doesn’t end there. Jennifer at the front desk is so welcoming and friendly and you can’t help but want to hang out there with the lot of them.

Truth be known I was kind of sad to leave! If you’re sitting on the fence, call up, set something up for a consult, like I did, and drill them with all the questions you had. I got answers to all mine including ones I didn’t even know to ask! It didn’t cost me anything to find out but the advice is invaluable. I am now doing the right homework based on ME! Thanks guys for an amazing experience! I’ll be sending you more of my peeps for sure!!!!!