Submitted 2017-12-15

I have to be honest. I have never heard anything positive about wearing hearing aids. Everyone I talked to felt that they overpaid for them and in the end, they never wore them because they could never hear and understand with them the way they wanted to. When I visited Countryside Hearing to have my hearing checked, I shared my experience and concerns with Tom Mitchell and his staff. The whole experience with Countryside Hearing has been extraordinary. Tom, Laurie, Rachel and Jill provide service (and products) that have redefined my whole way of thinking in regards to hearing aids. Once I was tested, and fit, with my new hearing aids, I cannot imagine living one day without them. I can hear and I can understand with clarity and nobody knows that I’m even wearing them. Tom and his staff have provided service and follow-up that is WAY beyond what I’ve ever heard of. Finally, I still don’t know anyone, other than myself, who absolutely loves their hearing aids.Thank you Countryside Hearing! I cannot recommend you highly enough.