Submitted 2017-08-07

Back in December I bought a set of hearing aids up in New York State where I lived at the time. They were never right and the “hearing specialist” I bought them from couldn’t seem to properly adjust them. Shortly after I moved to Florida and getting settled, I contacted the manufacturer & was put in touch with Countryside Hearing Aids. Smartest decision I ever made.

I called for an appointment & drove down. I felt welcome and comfortable right away. Tom inspected my aids & gave me the most comprehensive hearing test I ever had. We talked and, to my relief, was told all I needed was a proper tuning & adjustment. I fully expected to being sold a new pair. Not necessary, Tom said–just proper tuning. He did the cleaning & adjustments.

He did suggest that I return occasionally to have everything checked out. I was impressed with his openness & honesty & would not hesitate recommending him and his wonderful service.