Submitted 2017-05-22

What can I say about the most wonderful people. Tom & Laurie, Rachel & Jill are the most caring people I’ve met in a long time.

After 2 years of trouble with my daughter, Heidi’s,hearing aids we struck gold. My daughter, Heidi, has severe hearing loss & she is also Down Syndrome. She was crying all the time as her old aids needed to be replaced & she couldn’t hear. A visit to Tom solved all of our problems with new state of the art aids. I felt like such a weight was lifted off my shoulders because of this kind & caring man.

Heidi loves going there for a check up as Tom comes out of his office & picks her up in a big Bear hug. If there are problems, which she recently had because of 2 ear infections, Heidi’s comment is always “Oh Mummy, call Tom & he’ll fix them” & he does. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to have Heidi’s aids taken care of; Countryside Hearing is the best!