It’s Time To Do Something About Your Hearing Loss

There are approximately 48 million people within the United States who are living with some form of hearing loss. Unfortunately, many people are embarrassed about it or concerned about how much hearing aids may cost so they try to ignore that it’s happening. This can be quite dangerous in several ways. Your Hearing Aid Should Feel as Natural as Your Reading Glasses You probably already own some reading glasses that you aren’t embarrassed to wear. Presbyopia (age-related loss of eyesight) is the visual version of presbycusis (loss of hearing due to age). While you may not think of hearing aids as a trendy accessory you should know that they’re so discreet that many fashionable people are wearing them today (e.g. Jodie Foster, Halle Berry, Rob Lowe, Robert Redford). Any Type of Hearing Loss Will Change Your Brain Your ears send Read More +