Tips For Seniors Who Want To Downsize

Tips For Seniors Who Want To DownsizeMany people are joining in on the minimalist movement today. They’re purging their home of items that they don’t need or that don’t make them happy. This can be challenging, especially for seniors, which is why you should keep these seniors’ tips.

Remember, this is an Opportunity to Take Control

In the beginning, downsizing is certain to feel a bit overwhelming. However, once you step back for a minute and realize that this is your opportunity to seize control over your life and your belongings, the process should feel quite empowering. Once you’ve been able to move some of the items you no longer want or need out of your home, you’ll feel joyous, unburdened, refreshed and serene.

Don’t Just Lean on Your Kids, Heed Their Advice

One of the most important seniors’ tips to remember throughout this process is to have your children and family help you if possible. However, once you’ve asked for their help, you should also make sure you’re ready and willing to accept their advice (or at least be open-minded to their input).

Use Post-It Notes

Staying organized throughout this process means having a system that’s easy for you to use. One of the seniors’ tips that’s given out a lot here is to use post-it notes. This will also help you get things done quickly and serve as helpful reminders. For instance, if your children want something put their name on it with a post-it note. If they don’t come pick up the item within a designated period of time, donate it to charity.

Think of This as an Opportunity for Philanthropy

Although you may not think of this right away, one of the last seniors’ tips that’s important to share with you is that you should remind yourself this is an opportunity for philanthropy. This is because you’ll have the opportunity to donate the items you no longer want to hang on to so that people in need can enjoy using them. Some of the organizations you should consider donating items to include:

  • The Salvation Army will take any clothing or kitchenware you’re getting rid of
  • Your local library will gladly accept book and audio/video donations
  • Animal shelters love having old blankets and towels donated to them.
  • Local homeless shelters will take any number of items that you no longer have need of.

If you have other items, you’re ready to part with, all it’ll take is a little creativity to figure out who in your community will benefit from these items. Sometimes your children may even know of other organizations that you haven’t heard of.

Don’t go it Alone

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