The Countryside Hearing Difference

The Countryside Hearing Difference
Countryside Hearing is Family Owned and Operated since 1979. Be very careful about dealing with anyone who hasn’t been around for a while. Companies often come and go in this industry so please don’t get stuck by doing business with someone who is “here today and gone tomorrow”. In the past year, there have been at least four hearing aid offices simply close up shop within our part of Pinellas County.

Countryside Hearing is BBB Accredited and A+ Rated. You should always check with the Better Business Bureau before visiting any hearing aid office; if they are not a BBB member and don’t have at least an A Rating, there’s probably a pretty good reason why. In short, you are better served elsewhere.

Countryside Hearing says NO to “bait and switch” advertising featuring “too good to be true” $395 and $495 hearing aids (these ads, which are all too common, are shameful and deceitful). These ads are designed to do nothing more than to “lure” you in so you can then be sold hearing aids at 10x the price.

Countryside Hearing says NO to high pressure commissioned salespeople and dispensing audiologists. Unless you’re dealing with the owner, you are most likely dealing with a commission chasing salesperson…it’s just that simple. The vast majority of hearing aid franchises and chains specialize in high pressure sales tactics in order to capture their 20% to 25% commissions. These people don’t get paid to service, program and maintain your hearing aids; they only get paid when they sell you new ones! They also don’t make much money by selling $395 and $495 hearing aids.

If you need help with your hearing, and you live in Clearwater, Dunedin, Oldsmar, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor or Tarpon Springs; we should be at the top of your list!