It’s all about Service!

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When investing in hearing aids, the obvious isn’t always quite so obvious. What I’m speaking to specifically is the subject of hearing aid service. The vast majority of hearing aid companies seek to simply sell you hearing aids and move on to the next sale. (This is very common as most of the hearing aid specialists and audiologists you meet will be working on a 15% to 25% commission. They get paid only when they sell you something, not when they service something). Others look to sell hearing aids, see you two or three times, and then encourage you to call them if and when you need them. (This is like only calling your mechanic when the red lights come on your dashboard). The very best companies will not only seek to fit you with the most appropriate technology for your specific needs, but will also seek to keep you happy by providing service way beyond the norm. (These “very best” companies do indeed exist, but they are very few and far between).

Then there is Countryside Hearing where we follow our own unprecedented service model which simply leaves all of the others behind. We “live” service daily…we don’t simply talk about it!

Let me clarify; at Countryside Hearing we absolutely, positively, provide the best service in the industry. That statement is not simply a platitude or a “positive” thought; it’s an absolute fact. We work relentlessly to provide our patients the very best experience possible from ANY business that they visit. What this means is that we provide more attention, more follow-up and more time with our patients than they will receive from their doctors, their dentists, their car dealership, their financial planner or anyone else!

We’re not looking to simply be the best hearing aid office; we are determined to be the best business you can do business with, period!

Service is all about hard work, attention to every detail and time. At Countryside Hearing, we will always outwork our competition. That’s a simple fact and we are more than happy to prove it.

If you need hearing help, give us a call. We have thousands of happy patients in Clearwater, Dunedin, Oldsmar, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor and Tarpon Springs. We are a BBB Accredited A+ business and we enjoy a near 99% success rate with all of our fittings.

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