Submitted 2016-02-10

I can finally hear my turn signals and nobody yells at me anymore! There is a huge difference between my old aids and my new ones; I’m very happy with Countryside Hearing and I’m sure you will be too.
James H.,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2016-02-10

After several visits with Thomas Mitchell, I feel strongly compelled to become an advocate for this gifted, insightful man.  I most readily affirm the proficiency, the skill, the expertise he offered me in determining the management of my hearing needs. His persona creates a very comfortable setting and establishes an assurance that you are in very good, capable hands.  I recommend Mr. Mitchell very highly.
Theodore G.,
Palm Harbor, FL

Submitted 2016-01-12

On January 11, 2016 I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Countryside Hearing. Having the company I was doing business go out of business, I became cautious of any other company in this business. However, when first visiting Countryside Hearing, my wife and I were so graciously greeted by Laurie one of the owners. Instantly we were taken by Laurie’s wonderful demeanor and infectious smile. Laurie explained the company’s policies and the way they have been so successfully doing business and their justification of an A Plus rating with the BBB. Shorty thereafter, we were introduced to her partner and husband Tom Mitchell. Not only was Tom a delight, he was extremely professional, informative and so thorough in his time with me. He quickly resolved the problems I was having with my old aids and gave demonstrations of proper wear and operational use of my aids. We were totally satisfied with our encounter there and even purchased a service policy restoring our confidence in the hearing aid business. Laurie and Tom are a ‘WINNING TEAM” and we suggest to all in need of hearing aids to make Countryside Hearing their first stop. Our thanks to them again.
Linda and Lee S.,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2016-01-12

It was hard for me to accept that my hearing loss was real. Finally at my wife's insistence I looked around and found Thomas Mitchell of Countryside Hearing Aids. Tom and his staff's attention to their customers needs are second to none. I felt very comfortable and received very personal and honest professional service with fair pricing; I Strongly Recommend Thomas Mitchell and Countryside Hearing Aids. If you are like me and do not like high pressure sales tactics and want to feel appreciated check out Countryside Hearing Aids. You won't be disappointed.
Norm E.,
Odessa, FL

Submitted 2016-01-07

Just wanted you to know that all is well with my Hearing Aids---In reflection, Tom I can't thank you enough for your thoughtfulness of taking care of my hearing problems---It has to rank as one of my best experiences with a Hearing Aid professional---If I ever had a business again there's one person I'd head up this business.---That's you Tom---You have one of the most natural, unaffected personalities that’s tremendously appreciated---You can't help but be successful in all you attempt in your business. Thanking you for your time.
Richard B.,
Dunedin, FL

Submitted 2016-01-05

Ten years ago I lost my hearing as did my mother when she was my age.  I have classic hereditary hearing loss, about 57% in both ears and I had been wearing only one (CIC) Starkey hearing aid when in fact I have needed two all along.  You see, I am very vain and only 36 years old when this occurred.  Over the years, I have been to 3 different audiologists and the struggles to get me to hear in the many environments that I encounter daily has been exhausting to say the least.  I also felt that the technology of the hearing devices were sub-par for the kind of money that they were charging so I waited.  Early last year I had heard about the new (Pair to IPhone) Resound Linx II’s.  So I went to my current audiologist and she tried to sell me Starkey Halo’s which I demoed for 3 weeks.  I was not satisfied with the product nor the programming.  All this time and effort wasted.  I was starting to get discouraged. This led me to Countryside Hearing and (The Zen Master) Tom Mitchell.  He gave me the best price and really listened to what I was telling him about my daily hearing challenges.  Everything from listening to music to presenting in the boardroom, we covered it all.  And on the first visit, he nailed it!  I haven’t heard like this since before I lost my hearing. Of course we have had to tweak couple of things since then but nothing major.  Oh and did I mention that I work a busy schedule and usually when I need to come in it is like right now.  Well, Laurie always works her magic and gets me right in.  Great service, Great value, and they know what they are doing.  Thanks guys, you changed my life.
Todd V.,
New Port Richey, FL

Submitted 2016-01-04

I recently walked into Countryside Hearing to purchase some hearing aid batteries. I was visiting Florida from New England. I mentioned to Mr. Mitchell’s staff that I was having difficulty with my hearing aid streamer and his staff was kind enough to not only sell me batteries but also to make immediate access to Mr. Mitchell, himself, who was very kind, personal and caring. He was able to troubleshoot the difficulty with my old streamer which revealed it was out of date with the new software of my current hearing aids. Mr. Mitchell provided me with a new streamer at a reasonable price and was able to program it and send me on my way smiling, very pleased, and able to once again communicate with fluidity and simplicity. The above typifies the type of care I received. I have been very pleased to meet the kind and caring staff and Mr. Mitchell at Countryside Hearing.
Newton C., MD, FACP,
Quincy, MA

Submitted 2015-10-26

I first visited Countryside Hearing in July of 2015 to talk to Tom Mitchell about my hearing loss. In my first visit Tom tested my hearing and explained to me about the type of nerve damage that I have. I had been to 3 doctors and 2 specialists and all they could tell me was that I had lost some of my hearing. On that day Tom fit me with a hearing aid programmed for my special hearing needs. I have had to have some special changes because of the type of work that I do and Tom has had infinite patience. He has fit me with the Oticon Alta Pro 2 hearing aid and I can now hear with excellent clarity things that I haven’t heard in years. Voices are clearer and my ability to follow conversation is incredible. I can’t thank Laurie and Tom enough for their help. (Oh and did I mention patience) Thank You.
Georgia Z.,
Palm Harbor, FL

Submitted 2015-10-19

We are so relieved to know there is someone who has the knowledge along with a caring personality. Tom and Laurie made us feel at home and we knew from the first minute that we were in good hands. They both took the time to answer all of our questions in a clear and unhurried way. Sally had bought hearing aids from another office out of state, which never worked right. Apparently there was a program issue which they did not see and correct, but Tom found the problem. He checked and made the proper adjustments and programmed them to fit Sally’s needs. She noticed the difference immediately when she put them in! We are all so thankful that we came here and would highly recommend anyone with concerns to stop in.
Kerry and Sally,
Palm Harbor, FL

Submitted 2015-10-10

My testimony is a bit different than most in that I have had 3 sets of hearing aids in the last 7 years. One set was obtained through my ENT Physician, another was purchased from a company that went bankrupt 6 months after purchasing the aids, and the other pair was obtained through a well-known audiologist in the area. With all 3 sets my hearing was a disaster; most of the time I read lips and had a real problem with background noises. I was somewhat familiar with Countryside Hearing since my mother went there when Hank was owner some 20 years ago. I decided to go to Countryside Hearing and see if my problems could be solved. That is when I found out Hank had retired and the new owners were Tom & Laurie Mitchell. Naturally Tom did an evaluation of my hearing and then began to tell me of my options which is something that neither of the other 3 did. I only received one option and that is what they wanted to sell me. Tom suggested which aid he thought would be best for me out of two, but he left the decision up to me. He also took the time to explain the pros and the cons of each of the aids. I decided to go with the ReSound that Tom recommended. You will never meet a couple that are concerned about your hearing as Tom & Laurie are. For those of you that may think you need hearing aids; or are having problems with the aids you have, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you try Countryside Hearing. You won’t be disappointed. I have never been happier with my aids, and Tom solved every problem I had.
Lou H.,
Palm Harbor, FL

Submitted 2015-10-07

I’ve had hearing aids since May 2004. My experience with Countryside Hearing has been most positive. Both Tom and Laurie are friendly and caring. Tom brings a high level of expertise, integrating the practical aspect of fitting hearing aids with the technical understanding of hearing. I offer my highest recommendations, and believe that you will be pleased to work with them to improve your hearing.
Cyndi C.,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2015-10-05

Thomas Mitchell, thank you for my new hearing aids, and working with me to restore my hearing. You have been very patient and understanding. Thank you for your determination and your knowledge. The aids are working just fine and I love them. You have done a wonderful job with a hearing problem as bad as mine. If I know others in need, I will send them straight to you. Thanks again for a wonderful and positive experience.
Margaret P.,
Dunedin, FL

Submitted 2015-10-05

Choose the happy place. Improving my mother’s hearing required a move to a more powerful hearing aid. Countryside Hearing chose the right product for her hearing loss. Your Hearing Aid professional is like your doctor as you will have an on-going relationship as you return for adjustments and cleaning. At Countryside Hearing you will find people with a great sense of humor so your visits will be helpful and fun too. I always leave with a smile on my face.
Carol S.,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2015-09-09

Dear Tom, As a new client of Countryside Hearing , I am extremely happy and satisfied with my new Resound Verso 9, with remote control 2, hearing aids. My new over the ear Resound Verso 9 hearing aids are fantastic and my hearing has never been so good. I am enjoying for the first time in years sound quality and listening comfort. With my Verso 9, I get a clear sense of new sounds around me at all times. The remote control 2, is wonderful, excellent and easy to operate. I recommend it to anyone. Countryside Hearing was my Knight in Shining armor. They were wonderful, they handled the entire process flawlessly and all my nagging questions. It’s a great feeling to know I have a first rate hearing aid specialist in Mr.Tom Mitchell, owner of Countryside Hearing, looking after my hearing needs. I am looking forward to a long-lasting relationship with Countryside Hearing. Countryside Hearing is honest and straight forward and is time friendly. I was extremely impressed with the service and the personal attention of which I received every time I walk into Countryside Hearing. I would heartily recommend Countryside Hearing to anyone looking for Hearing Aids in the Clearwater/Palm Harbor area. It has been a pleasure to deal with Countryside Hearing with such enthusiastic, professional, warm caring people.
Bob S.,
Palm Harbor, FL

Submitted 2015-08-28

Mr. Mitchell I want to thank you for the wonderful hearing aids, and for working with me to restore my hearing. I am now able to engage in conversations without saying, “what”, “excuse me”, “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear that”. It has been a God send and a real life changer. So much so that I have signed up to become an adult volunteer in my community. Something I would NEVER have done because of my hearing loss. Also, thank you and your wife Laurie, for following up on my progress. You stand behind your product, and that goes a long way with me. Because I can hear clearly again, I feel like I have a big part of my life back. Thank you ! Now if you could only fix my golf swing ! With great appreciation…
Bob F.,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2015-08-21

My son and daughter pleaded with me to go see Tom & Laurie at Countryside Hearing Aids Services because my kids were convinced I needed better hearing aids. I truly felt my hearing was fine using an existing pair of high-priced hearing aids. Tom took the best care of me, never talking down to me while spending valuable time explaining the entire test procedure. Once Tom began fitting me with a pair of custom-programmed hearing aids, I knew immediately my kids were right; I did need this hearing test! I felt so relaxed during that initial visit as well as the subsequent follow-up visits. I truly believe Tom fully understands the needs of his clients and has the experience to provide the perfect solution. I highly recommend Tom and Laurie at Countryside Hearing Aids Services.
Vic V.,
Clearwater, Florida

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