Submitted 2015-10-05

Choose the happy place. Improving my mother’s hearing required a move to a more powerful hearing aid. Countryside Hearing chose the right product for her hearing loss. Your Hearing Aid professional is like your doctor as you will have an on-going relationship as you return for adjustments and cleaning. At Countryside Hearing you will find people with a great sense of humor so your visits will be helpful and fun too. I always leave with a smile on my face.
Carol S.,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2015-09-09

Dear Tom, As a new client of Countryside Hearing , I am extremely happy and satisfied with my new Resound Verso 9, with remote control 2, hearing aids. My new over the ear Resound Verso 9 hearing aids are fantastic and my hearing has never been so good. I am enjoying for the first time in years sound quality and listening comfort. With my Verso 9, I get a clear sense of new sounds around me at all times. The remote control 2, is wonderful, excellent and easy to operate. I recommend it to anyone. Countryside Hearing was my Knight in Shining armor. They were wonderful, they handled the entire process flawlessly and all my nagging questions. It’s a great feeling to know I have a first rate hearing aid specialist in Mr.Tom Mitchell, owner of Countryside Hearing, looking after my hearing needs. I am looking forward to a long-lasting relationship with Countryside Hearing. Countryside Hearing is honest and straight forward and is time friendly. I was extremely impressed with the service and the personal attention of which I received every time I walk into Countryside Hearing. I would heartily recommend Countryside Hearing to anyone looking for Hearing Aids in the Clearwater/Palm Harbor area. It has been a pleasure to deal with Countryside Hearing with such enthusiastic, professional, warm caring people.
Bob S.,
Palm Harbor, FL

Submitted 2015-08-28

Mr. Mitchell I want to thank you for the wonderful hearing aids, and for working with me to restore my hearing. I am now able to engage in conversations without saying, “what”, “excuse me”, “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear that”. It has been a God send and a real life changer. So much so that I have signed up to become an adult volunteer in my community. Something I would NEVER have done because of my hearing loss. Also, thank you and your wife Laurie, for following up on my progress. You stand behind your product, and that goes a long way with me. Because I can hear clearly again, I feel like I have a big part of my life back. Thank you ! Now if you could only fix my golf swing ! With great appreciation…
Bob F.,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2015-08-21

My son and daughter pleaded with me to go see Tom & Laurie at Countryside Hearing Aids Services because my kids were convinced I needed better hearing aids. I truly felt my hearing was fine using an existing pair of high-priced hearing aids. Tom took the best care of me, never talking down to me while spending valuable time explaining the entire test procedure. Once Tom began fitting me with a pair of custom-programmed hearing aids, I knew immediately my kids were right; I did need this hearing test! I felt so relaxed during that initial visit as well as the subsequent follow-up visits. I truly believe Tom fully understands the needs of his clients and has the experience to provide the perfect solution. I highly recommend Tom and Laurie at Countryside Hearing Aids Services.
Vic V.,
Clearwater, Florida

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