ReSound ONE – Designed for ultimate comfort, discretion and performance!

The most complete and individualized sound experience

ReSound ONE delivers easier-to-follow conversations with All Access Directionality. With access to all the sounds around you, you are in charge of which sounds you want to focus on – not your hearing aids.

In addition, ReSound ONE introduces Ultra Focus. Like an individual beam of sound, it lets you decide when to minimize background noise to focus on the speech directly in front of you even in the toughest environments.

Add convenient direct audio streaming and outstanding battery life, ReSound ONE truly keeps you connected to people and technology you need to become ONE with your world.


All New for 2021 – Sonic Innovations Radiant Series

Released in January 2021, the Sonic Innovations Radiant series represents incredible sound quality with what we have found to be the most reliable hearing aid platform currently available. The Radiant’s predecessor, the Captivate, has been a true workhorse for us with virtually zero issues.

At Countryside Hearing we know that sound quality is obviously very important, but equally important to us is the instrument’s reliability. The Sonic Innovations Radiant offers double the computer processing speed than did the Captivate along with 8x the available memory. Combine these upgrades with its proven reliability and you have a true value in hearing health technology.

No batteries needed! All Radiants are rechargeable, smartphone compatible and come with a 3 year warranty and 3 years of loss and damage coverage.



Introducing the Widex Moment!

Widex was the first hearing aid manufacturer to introduce 100% digital hearing aids to the general public in 1996. Since then, Widex has continued to improve everything about their product line, not least of which is their signature Widex sound quality. Introduced in 2020, the Widex Moment is far and away the best hearing instrument Widex has ever produced.

The Widex Moment is the smallest rechargeable hearing aid on the market and it’s the most energy efficient hearing aid currently available (longer battery life per charge). Widex also provides a free state of the art smartphone app (for those who desire to use the Moment with their smartphone). The Widex Moment 440 is very special in that whether you use a smartphone or not, it is pretty much fully automatic in its ability to adjust itself to whatever sound environment you find yourself in. At Countryside Hearing, we have found the Moment 440 particularly effective for people who have a mild to moderate hearing loss.

Every Widex Moment 440 comes to you with a 3 year warranty and 3 years of loss and damage coverage.


Ear Protection and Specialty Products

Countryside Hearing Aids also offers the following products and services:

  • Custom earmolds for swimmers
  • Specialty musician earmolds and music monitors
  • Occupational ear protection
  • Police Officer ear pieces and connectivity
  • Custom earmolds and ear protection for hunters and shooters

All New for 2021 – Sonic Innovations Radiant Series