Tips for Seniors who Want to Build Muscles

As we age, our bodies change. One process we undergo is known as sarcopenia. It can start as early as age 30 and cause a 5% loss of muscle mass each decade. Unfortunately, even the most physically fit individuals aren’t immune to its effects. Symptoms of Sarcopenia There are many things you should watch for here, including: Your body can’t convert protein into energy as well as it could in the past You’re less physically active because you feel weak or lack stamina – something that may show in your inability to climb stairs or maintain your balance You have lower hormone levels, few muscle fibers (a.k.a. Hypoplasia), and decreased muscle size (a.k.a. atrophy) How to Ward off Sarcopenia The more muscle mass you have, the longer it takes for sarcopenia to impair your functionality. This is why you should: Read More +