How To Reduce The Risk Of Delirium After Surgery

Delirium is something that can affect people of all ages in Pinellas County, but older people are more at risk. Delirium is characterized by confusion and often develops after surgery. Studies have concluded that delirium affects around 1 in 5 people over the age of 65 who are in hospital. The risk of delirium is higher in people who have undergone surgery, but there are various measures that can be taken in order to reduce this risk. We’ll look more at the symptoms of delirium and some of the main things that could reduce the risk of delirium when somebody has come out of surgery. A Closer Look at Delirium We know that delirium affects a relatively large proportion of people in hospitals, but what are the common symptoms of delirium? Agitation or aggression: A person experiencing delirium may become Read More +