How Aerobic Exercise Improves Memory in Seniors

Deep within the center of your brain there’s a small structure known as the hippocampus. Smaller than your little finger, it plays a vital role in learning and memory. Without it you’d only be able to remember old memories, not form new ones. Unfortunately, it does shrink as you age, which is why many seniors suffer from dementia. It doesn’t have to be this way though, there’s good news when you want to improve memory in senior citizens. Seeing What Research Says About Exercising There are several studies that show moderate aerobic exercise on a regular basis cause new neurons to grow in your hippocampus. This is because BDNF (a brain protein) increases and “fertilizes” new brain cells. Additional evidence of this was gathered when 120 healthy seniors (between 60 – 80-years-old with no dementia or memory problems) were “studied” Read More +