What Older Women Gain From Fitness

Older women can reap some great benefits from exercising, including building muscle, gaining strength, and increasing both their stamina and their flexibility. This will also allow you to overcome things that most people commonly associate with aging like atrophy and concerns with bone density. Of course, you’ll need the correct plan, including some focus on your nutrition, for this to work. You’ll also need to approach this plan with a positive attitude. Considering we’re living in an age of instant gratification, maintaining this type of long-term plan can be challenging, but if you’re a senior who has the right mindset, it is possible, and you’ll have a lot to gain from it. Benefits of Exercise for Older Women As a senior woman you shouldn’t be expecting or waiting for your health to get worse, especially since something as simple as Read More +

Health and Fitness Tips for Mature Woman

As you become a middle-age woman (45-65 years old), you may feel you’re faced with increased health and fitness challenges. However, it doesn’t have to be this way if you take some time to take good care of yourself. Managing Your Physical Needs Genetics have a huge impact on your body fat distribution. When combined with decreased physical activity, this creates a more important issue than energy intake or dietary composition. This is why it’s important to engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity daily. Ideally, you would find the time to walk, jog or run in addition to resistance exercise of some type (weight training or bodyweight exercise). Weight training (which we’re a big fan of), will increase muscle and will also increase bone density. In addition, weight training will raise your resting metabolic rate which in Read More +