The Effects of Depression

Depression is defined as “feelings of severe despondency and dejection” that can last for a prolonged period. While it’s sometimes difficult to diagnose, you should know that it isn’t uncommon in seniors. In fact, it’s a serious issue that we shouldn’t take lightly. Understanding the Common Symptoms of Depression Some people mistake the symptoms as a fleeting emotion that will soon pass. However, if you notice any of these symptoms lasting for a prolonged period, you should get your loved one help immediately: Difficulty concentrating The inability to make decisions Fatigue or less energy than usual Feelings of emptiness, guilt, worthlessness, sadness, anxiousness, pessimism, hopelessness, or helplessness Restlessness Irritability Sleep disturbances including insomnia, waking earlier than usual, or sleeping excessively Loss of interest in activities or hobbies they once pleasurable Either overeating or losing their appetite How to Help Someone Read More +