Submitted 2017-08-22

Several months ago, after many discussions with my wife, I agreed to look into purchasing hearing aids. I knew that after getting a hearing test that it would not be my hearing at fault but instead, my wife's voice that didn't carry during conversations.

I visited Costco, Audibel, Hear USA, Hear.com, and Countryside Hearing. After every visit and after every test, it became clear that it was not my wife's voice or the acoustics of a building during meetings or church sermons. It was in fact my hearing that was suffering and it became obvious I had to do something about it.

After many discussions and research I chose to do business with Tom Mitchell at Countryside Hearing. Perhaps I could have saved money elsewhere and although I wanted the most for my money it was Tom who did just that.

His staff is accommodating, cheerful and helpful. His approach is professional in every aspect from testing to service. He cares about my quality of life and follows up in every aspect from service to free hearing aid batteries.

I am happy to recommend him to anybody who is having similar problems as I had.
Manny K,
Dunedin, FL

Submitted 2017-08-11

My new hearing aids are wonderful! I cannot imagine living without them.
F. Emerson,
Palm Harbor, FL

Submitted 2017-08-11

Countryside Hearing is absolutely fantastic! I've worn hearing aids for many years and I have never had the satisfaction and service that I do now. The staff is incredibly friendly and I love my office visits!
R. VanBuskirk,
Palm Harbor, FL

Submitted 2017-08-07

Back in December I bought a set of hearing aids up in New York State where I lived at the time. They were never right and the "hearing specialist" I bought them from couldn't seem to properly adjust them. Shortly after I moved to Florida and getting settled, I contacted the manufacturer & was put in touch with Countryside Hearing Aids. Smartest decision I ever made.

I called for an appointment & drove down. I felt welcome and comfortable right away. Tom inspected my aids & gave me the most comprehensive hearing test I ever had. We talked and, to my relief, was told all I needed was a proper tuning & adjustment. I fully expected to being sold a new pair. Not necessary, Tom said--just proper tuning. He did the cleaning & adjustments.

He did suggest that I return occasionally to have everything checked out. I was impressed with his openness & honesty & would not hesitate recommending him and his wonderful service.
J. Conole,
Palm Harbor, FL

Submitted 2017-07-20

I have an extreme hearing loss from a dive accident and subsequent ear infection. With 100 db hearing loss, I was told that no hearing aid could restore my hearing in that ear. Tom worked to restore my hearing in that ear and I am thrilled to have my hearing back. Tom and his staff are wonderful people and always upbeat, wanting to help. I am thrilled to have walked into Countryside Hearing and to have a good relationship with them. "What nice people"
P. Huff,
Dunedin, FL

Submitted 2017-07-14

I’ve been doing business with Countryside Hearing for years now. The latest owners (Tom and Laurie Mitchell) are incredibly proficient. It goes without saying that one's natural hearing would be best, but alas, age takes a toll and Countryside Hearing and the products they sell and service can't be beat! I know: I've had four other sets of aids from various vendors!
W. Bell,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2017-06-27

I want to personally thank Tom and his lovely wife Laurie for providing outstanding quality of care for my 89 year old mother who has been suffering with a 75% hearing loss for some years now. I am so grateful to have found them as they are a first class and very professional business at providing the utmost in quality of care. Tom has used his 30 plus years of expertise in the field of providing the highest quality of hearing thru the latest in technology. I am so very grateful to Tom and Laurie for their genuine care for people and to improve their quality of their patients’ lives through the highest quality of hearing that can be provided. They are very courteous, patient, kind and always willing to schedule you in for an appointment and to care for your hearing needs until satisfied. The atmosphere is warm, friendly and very hospitable with NO Pressure. However, the quality of hearing that Tom has provided my mother has increased the quality of her life and joy!

With sincere gratitude
A. Lemon,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2017-06-26

I chose Countryside Hearing for my Mom, Marion Ames, because it was family owned/operated, because of the BBB A+ rating and for the years of service in the area. We stay as loyal customers not only because of the congenial atmosphere, but also because of the educational information that she received. Her particular hearing loss was explained to her (a new experience in spite of the fact that she has had hearing aids for a number of years). She did make an informed purchase, but under NO pressure whatsoever! Believe us when we state that if there is a problem that can't wait until the next scheduled appointment, you will be accommodated. "Problem" in our case is defined by new aids needing tweaking sooner and my personal favorite: We were in CA and the pressure from flying gave my Mom some problems which Tom troubleshot over the phone! Wow! My Mom also appreciates the no interest financing available and the life time free batteries! A definite win on our part.
M. Ames,
Dunedin, FL

Submitted 2017-06-26

I've never heard better than now with my hearing aids!
M. Anderson,
Hudson, FL

Submitted 2017-06-20

I have been wearing hearing aids for several years, and realized I had outgrown the ones I had and needed some updated new ones.  Not being from Clearwater, where do I go?  I checked out a few places, including Countryside Hearing Aid Services.  Tom and Laurie treated my daughter and me like old friends, which since then we have become.

Anyone can sell a hearing aid, but do they stand behind it?  Countryside Hearing does in all departments: Check ups, to make sure your aids are working properly, adjustments, free batteries (a biggie), and honesty.  All these things are very rare in this world in which we live today.

I am 89 years young with a 75% hearing loss, so I need all the adjustments I can get.  Even if you just think you're having a hearing problem, I urge you to see Tom at Countryside Hearing Aid Services, he'll treat you right.  Tell him "Nan" invited you, and I'll bet he'll offer you a cup of coffee.

Thanks Tom for helping me hear things again!
N. Filley,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2017-06-05

A couple of months ago, I decided that I needed a new pair of hearing aids as the ones I had were very uncomfortable.  I decided to take my son’s recommendation and make an appointment with Countryside Hearing Aid Services.

With my first appointment, I was impressed with the friendly atmosphere of the office staff.  I was delighted to discover that Tom Mitchell, the Owner and Hearing Aid Specialist, was also very helpful and skilled in his profession.

When I walked out of the office that day, I was pretty sure that I had found what I was looking for.  The hearing aids that I selected met all three of my requirements.

When I went back the next week to try my hearing aids on it was a perfect fit.   Not a day goes by that I don’t say to anyone that will listen “I love my hearing aids”!

My hearing aids are comfortable enough to wear every day and on into the evening.  They are so comfortable that I have learned to check my ears, before stepping into the shower.

If you decide to visit the office of Tom and Laurie Mitchell at Countryside Hearing Aid Services you will be met with a welcoming atmosphere.  In addition, you will have the benefit of an excellent and well qualified hearing professional in Tom Mitchell. As for me, I cannot imagine going any place else for my hearing needs.  I highly recommend Countryside Hearing Aids for anyone who is experiencing hearing loss.

PS:  They also keep a well-stocked jar of Chocolate and a great assortment of coffee!
G. Elrod,
St. Petersburg, FL

Submitted 2017-05-22

What can I say about the most wonderful people. Tom & Laurie, Rachel & Jill are the most caring people I've met in a long time.

After 2 years of trouble with my daughter, Heidi's,hearing aids we struck gold. My daughter, Heidi, has severe hearing loss & she is also Down Syndrome. She was crying all the time as her old aids needed to be replaced & she couldn't hear. A visit to Tom solved all of our problems with new state of the art aids. I felt like such a weight was lifted off my shoulders because of this kind & caring man.

Heidi loves going there for a check up as Tom comes out of his office & picks her up in a big Bear hug. If there are problems, which she recently had because of 2 ear infections, Heidi's comment is always "Oh Mummy, call Tom & he'll fix them" & he does. I wouldn't go anywhere else to have Heidi's aids taken care of; Countryside Hearing is the best!
L. Fenton,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2017-04-13

Saw and ad in the Tampa Paper and thought I might need some help hearing. Made an appointment the very next day and had a hearing test. Everyone was professional and always a friendly smile I loved. They prescribed only what I needed and not more. The follow up service was beyond great! I'm a snow bird in Florida from MN. So they made sure all was well and I was 100% happy with my aid and used to wearing one before heading north. The financing was great and with the bank I use anyway. Feel like I"m dealing with friends and would suggest any one that feels they may have a hearing problem stop by. There is never any pressure and they will only show you what is just right for your needs.
C. Olson,
Shakopee, MN

Submitted 2017-04-03

I was pleasantly pleased by the service I received from Tom, at Countryside Hearing to reprogram my Oticon hearing aids. Extremely knowledgeable and professional and got them right the first time. I recommend Tom, Laurie & their Staff for your hearing needs, you won’t regret it.
N. Russo,
Saint Petersburg, FL

Submitted 2016-12-29

I knew for some time that I did have a hearing loss. I also knew that it most likely meant I would need a hearing aid. The thought of actually wearing one didn't bother me. What did bother me was the fact that I thought it would make things so loud that I wouldn't be able to deal with the noise. Many years ago I knew someone who had this problem.

It had gotten to the point where it was causing problems for me at work so when I received a flyer in the mail with a free hearing check I decided to go and see what this was all about. Tom gave me a hearing test and to my surprise I had a 45% hearing loss. No wonder I was having problems. He also explained that it wasn't just the level of sound but specific tones I was missing which would make me hear incorrectly. I would misinterpret what people would say. That explained a lot of discussions I had with my husband when I would swear he said one thing and he would swear he said something different.

Tom fitted me with hearing aids (which I now refer to as my new earrings!). I never had the slightest problem of any kind from day one. You never feel them, you can adjust the volume and the biggest thing is the clarity. Things don't seem louder I can just understand what people are saying now. I never realized that I had not been hearing my grandmothers clock tick until I actually hear it again. Tom, Laurie and Rachel are wonderful to work with and never make you feel anything but welcome. They are always willing to make sure you are 110 % satisfied when you walk out the door. Now I tell everyone about my new earrings and how they improved my quality of life. Thank you for being a business that puts their customers first!
N. Robins,
Palm Harbor, FL

Submitted 2016-12-29

Showing my playing skills to my friends at Countryside Hearing Aids. I have recently purchased a new set of Resound Linx2 hearing aids made for my iPhone. I am extremely impressed with them, they actually help me tune my bagpipes better! I am truly amazed with the new hearing aid technology.
W. Howard,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2016-12-16

This is by far the best money that I've ever spent. I wish that I had met Tom and Laurie at Countryside Hearing years ago!
Walter S.,
Clearwater, FL

Submitted 2016-12-07

I am over the top happy with being able to hear conversations clearly again. I love the clarity of sound and the comfort of my new hearing aids. They are easy to use, not complicated.

I no longer avoid social situations because of my hearing. I am thoroughly enjoying the ability to hear sounds I do not remember hearing before. I can hear a small bird’s singing now. Something I was not able to do before.

Approximately a month ago I went to Countryside Hearing Aid Services. I went in knowing I needed hearing aids. There was a consultation. My hearing loss was evaluated. I was shown and given the option of several manufacturers aids with a choice of price ranges. Tom explained in depth the pros and cons of each device as he showed them to me.

I was able to pick up my new hearing aids, programmed for my hearing loss, within days.

The sound quality is excellent. Clear without distortion.  They are very comfortable. Right off I was able to wear them all day and forget they were there. There is a button on each to adjust volume up or down as needed. At first it was difficult to know where to press to activate the button quickly. A little practice was all it took to solve that issue.

They are small and are barely visible while I am wearing them. Still they are well made, sturdy and do not seem fragile.

Customer service has been beyond excellent. The office is clean and cheerful. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Tom is very attentive to any concerns and questions I have. He has set up repeat free appointments to check on my progress in using the aids. Making sure they fit properly and that I know how to maintain them correctly. He makes adjustments to the programming as needed there in the office. He does not have to send them to the factory for these adjustments. He has been very diligent in making sure I get the full benefits from using the aids.

I found them to be expensive for me but the cost is well worth the improvement in being able to communicate with people so much better than I ever have. Another plus is that I no longer have to operate the TV at maximum volume and use the closed captions to follow a show.

I absolutely recommend Countryside Hearing Aid Services to anyone having problems interfacing with the world and other people due to hearing loss. Tom and his wife, Laurie, are very professional, and they worked miracles for me. The staff is beyond warm and friendly, making a visit to the office a very pleasant experience.
Rita M.,
Palm Harbor, FL

Submitted 2016-12-01

In my opinion, this is The Only hearing aid establishment in the Dunedin/Clearwater/Tampa/Palm Harbor area, or Pinellas and Hillsborough counties, for that matter, that anyone with the need for a hearing evaluation and hearing aid assistance should consider.

I was using "hand-me-down" hearing aids from my recently deceased mother when I moved to Dunedin from the Chicago, IL suburbs. One of them stopped working (they were over 4 yrs old) and I was at a complete loss. I happened upon Countryside Hearing on my way home from work as I really had no one to ask for suggestions since I was new to the area. The knowledge, service and compassion I have received from Tom from the first time I stepped into the establishment has been above and beyond what I would ever consider "the norm"! He and Laurie, along with the rest of the staff, have been nothing but wonderful to work with (and are the kindest people ever!)!

My ReSound (in the canal) hearing aids work wonderfully for me and fit absolutely perfect! Besides the quality of product available without paying what you'd pay for a small car, I would HIGHLY recommend Countryside Hearing Aid Services for the above and beyond service you'll receive. They're The Best! Thanks for all you do, guys!
Ann N.,
Dunedin, FL

Submitted 2016-12-01

This is to all my new friends at Countryside Hearing:

You have given me my life back! I have worn hearing aids for over 10 years and as recently as a year and a half ago had purchased my 3rd set of aids. I still could not go to plays, hear in a group setting and was not even able to enjoy my family gatherings because I could not understand what was being said. Frustration was my middle name and my husband was so tired of repeating everything he said to me.  I came to Countryside Hearing thinking I had a greater hearing loss recently. The test Tom conducted was so thorough I was impressed but the best part was the statement that my hearing hadn't changed that much and that I had a choice of 2 instruments that could help me. My problem was that although I knew people were speaking I could not make out what they were saying!  That day was the beginning of my new life. I now can go to plays, musicals, meetings and family gatherings and hear and understand what is being said. I have had my Oticon aids for about 2 months and have tried them in every noisy situation imaginable and they continue to surprise and delight me. The ability to hear the T.V without TV Ears is a side benefit as is the phone button to help and the ability to hear clearly in places that have the loop or T Coil.

All this has been possible with the help and encouragement of the staff at Countryside Hearing. They have made me feel that nothing is as important as my being able to hear and have gone out of their way to make me feel so comfortable that I actually look forward to my appointments. I have already recommended them to 2 of my friends and will continue to be a cheerleader for Countryside Hearing. Thank you for caring.
Alison N.,
Clearwater, FL

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